Where Are My Glasses – Episode 5


On today’s episode, our host gives us her tips to get through the last few weeks of winter.  Then, we hear about her adventures in the world of social media.  Buckle up!

Where Are My Glasses – Episode 4


On today’s episode we talk about Christmas cards, New Years resolutions, and dumb criminals.  What more could you want?  After you listen, make sure to leave a comment and rate us on iTunes!  Enjoy!!!

Where Are My Glasses – Episode 3


On today’s episode we hear a little more about Aubree from our last episode, talk some reality TV, hear about our host’s weird college roommate situation, and last but not least…a guy who celebrates Christmas every single day.  Enjoy!

Where Are My Glasses – Episode 2


In our second episode we talk about an inspiring young woman trying to realize her dream of appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Then, our host’s daughter joins the show to discuss the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Where Are My Glasses – Episode 1


In our first episode we’ll talk about haircuts, cell phones, faking your own death, and reality tv.  What more could you want??