Episode 11 – Warning: Bikini Season Around The Corner!


Well, bikini season is right around the corner and that means it’s diet season!  In this episode, you’ll hear all about Marilyn’s adventures with dieting, working out, and weight watchers.


Episode 10 – What’s in a Name?


Do you like your name?  Do you hate your name?  Would you change your name if you could?  Hear what our host thinks of her name and about the struggle that is naming your kids.

The Partial Daisy


How hard is too hard to push your kids?  Where is the line between letting them just be kids and insisting they be involved in activities?  When our oldest son, Mike, was young, we thought it was very important for him to participate in sports. It seemed only natural to sign him up for baseball and soccer every summer, spring, and fall.  As he grew older, he added basketball to his list.  At the same time, my husband and I wanted him to learn piano and drums and play in the school band, so that was just more to add to the calendar.  Of course, he also took swimming lessons every summer and attended tennis camps, as well as scouting.  He was going to be a well-rounded kid if it killed us.

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People Let Me Tell You Bout My Best Friend…Or How I Unwittingly Became An Uber Before That Was A Thing


Do you remember the day you met your best friend? I do and quite honestly, if I had known her as a kid, I probably wouldn’t have liked her, and I’m quite certain I would never have been allowed into her circle of cool friends, of which she was the undisputed reigning queen. The stories I’ve heard from her childhood friends, her husband and even herself confirm this. But fast-forward a few decades and the circumstances of our first meeting placed me at the top of her A-List because she saw something in me; something that I could offer her that she desperately wanted…transportation of her kids to school.

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Where Are My Glasses – Episode 9


Do you hate checking out at the grocery store?  If so, this episode is right up your alley.  Listen as Marilyn rants about her experiences with slow lines, coupons, and being shamed by cashiers for not shopping smart.

Where Are My Glasses – Episode 8


On today’s episode, Marilyn tells us about a time her guardian angel was definitely watching out for her.  Be sure to send us your guardian angel stories and we’ll share them on the air!

Where Are My Glasses – Episode 7


On today’s episode, we get a quick update on Marilyn’s battle with the cable company.  Then we hear about some of the dumbest criminals out there.  Good stuff all around.  Enjoy!

Where Are My Glasses – Episode 5


On today’s episode, our host gives us her tips to get through the last few weeks of winter.  Then, we hear about her adventures in the world of social media.  Buckle up!

Where Are My Glasses – Episode 4


On today’s episode we talk about Christmas cards, New Years resolutions, and dumb criminals.  What more could you want?  After you listen, make sure to leave a comment and rate us on iTunes!  Enjoy!!!