Episode 33 – My Joints Need A Joint

What does the word “joint” conjure up in your mind.  Well, Marilyn thinks that might depend on your age.  In high school, it means one thing.  When you’re middle aged, it means another.  And in old age, maybe it means something else!  In this episode, Marilyn is joined by her good friend, Tami, as they discuss this important topic.

Episode 32 – My Relationship With Bugs…Or Why I Own A Lifetime Supply of Raid

Do you hate bugs?  Or maybe you’re a weirdo that considers yourself “bug person”?  Marilyn is absolutely not bug person and in today’s episode she tells you why.  Tell us your bug horror stories and we’ll talk about them on an upcoming episode.  As always, don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 31 – I Think I’ve Made A Huge Mistake…

On today’s episode, Marilyn asks a simple question… “What is WRONG with people?!?”  Specifically, what is wrong with people that have deadly pets?  Don’t they know about puppies?  Not only are puppies cute and cuddly, but they won’t kill you…which is a plus when picking out a pet!  Let us know what you think.  Are these people crazy?  Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 30 – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s that time of the year again! The time of year when parents reluctantly send their kids off to college…crying the whole drive to and from campus.  As you might expect, Marilyn had a slightly different reaction to sending her kids off to college.  On today’s episode, our host is joined by her good friend, Tami, and they explain why sending your kids off to school is a time to celebrate!  Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes!

Go To The Light…No, Wait, DON’T!!


I don’t know…am I the only one who is a little worried that I won’t be able to trust myself to NOT look at the much-anticipated solar eclipse? All along, I’ve been reading on social media and listening on television and radio about making sure to have the correct kind of glasses for viewing and where they can be purchased. And all along, I’ve been thinking to myself, Oh yeah, those people had better make sure they have the right glasses, because we’ve been warned over and over for weeks now that the correct and safe eyewear for this event is a VERY special pair of glasses requiring some effort to obtain and that absolutely, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should we attempt to make our own viewing box with a pinhole through a shoebox. And also all along, I have been totally on board with all of the precautions because my whole life, I’ve been hit over the head with the warning about how dangerous it is to look at a solar eclipse without the proper glasses. I’ve never questioned that wisdom, though I have to admit that I don’t ever recall being in a solar eclipse situation before. EVER. I mean…I’m sure there have been such occurrences in my lifetime, but my mother must have safely stashed me under a bed at the time, or something. I don’t know.

I commented to my husband just last night that I’m predicting a LOT of people are going to suffer eye/vision damage as a result of this phenomenon. But here’s the kicker…this morning as I was pondering how amazing it will be when at 1:37 (or whatever – I did check the time that the eclipse will be at its peak in my area) and suddenly came to the frightening realization that I might not be able to control the dark urge inside me to look at it. When darkness falls, I can envision myself saying, Oh if you just peek out of the corner of your eye, you’ll be fine. And now I’m pretty scared because I’ve checked everywhere and there are NO glasses available for viewing ANYWHERE and I just don’t know if I can trust myself. So, I may very well be one of the idiots who thinks my eyes are super-hero caliber. Here’s to hoping I don’t test that unlikely theory, but I just don’t know. I might… ?

Episode 29 – How to Lose Five Hundred Million Dollars in One Easy Step

We’re back today with one of Marilyn’s favorite topics….dumb criminals!!! Are you familiar with the idea of the perfect crime?  You know, where the criminal has every possible detail accounted for?  A crime so well planned that the criminal will never get caught?  Well, these stories are the exact opposite.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy these stories of crime gone very, very wrong.

Episode 28 – Don’t Judge a Car by it’s Duct Tape and Glue

Do you guys name your cars?  Well, Marilyn’s family does, and as you’d expect, there’s a story behind every name.  Leave a comment and let us know what you guys call your cars.  Or if you don’t name your cars, let us know how weird we are.  Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 27 – Remedial Book Club

Today Marilyn tells us about how she got involved in her book club.  She was a little apprehensive at first, but this isn’t your typical book club.  Marilyn spills the beans on the book club rules, which are slightly different than you might expect.  She also tells us about some of the books she loved and, of course, the books that she hated.  Would you ever join a book club?  Let us know! And don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes!


Episode 26 – Cell Phone Quagmire

On today’s episode, Marilyn vents about cell phones.  She rants about how expensive and confusing the plans are but also about how we can’t live without them anymore.  We’re addicted! She also talks a little about how her (adult…and married) kids are still on her family plan. Do you hate your cell phone plan?  Does it confuse the heck out of you?  But is it all worth it because you can’t leave home without your phone? Let us know!

Episode 25 – Double Wide by the 4th of July

We’re back after a short hiatus! Now that we’re about halfway through the year, Marilyn decided it would be a good time to give an update on her New Years Resolutions.  How are you doing with your resolutions?  Have you had some setbacks?  Or maybe you’re a success story! Let us know! And, as always, don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes!!!