Episode 22 – The Curious Case of the Candy Lawsuits

On today’s episode, Marilyn has a bone to pick with a couple California women who brought lawsuits against candy companies.  But, the more she thinks about it…Marilyn might just have a lawsuit of her own.  Want to find out which evil corporation she’s going to sue?  Then give this episode a listen and make sure to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes!!!

2 thoughts on “Episode 22 – The Curious Case of the Candy Lawsuits”

  1. Loved your podcast on candy lawsuit. Might need to join your suit against girl scouts. I think they are including an ingredient to make them addictive 🐷🐷

    1. I’m on it, haha! And thanks for your kind comment and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!! …did that sound desperate…? Tell your friends 🙂

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