Episode 40 – Girl Meets Rollercoaster…A Classic Love Story

On today’s episode, Marilyn is joined by her daughter, Mary Kate, and they talk about the show “My Strange Addiction.” You won’t believe the crazy things some people are addicted to.  It’s some wild stuff…eating rocks, snorting baby powder, and a woman in love with a rollercoaster.  This is honestly one of our best episodes.  Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes.  Don’t forget to tell your friends!!!

So…How Does This Podcast Thingy Work…?


Welcome to Podcast Tutorial 101, designed for those of you new to the world of podcasts! Even though I host a podcast, I was only introduced to this form of entertainment about two years ago. I was familiar with the term “Podcast” but didn’t quite understand what one was.

So…here are the SUPER easy steps ( yes, the caps were intentional – it’s that easy) to enjoy podcasts. Plus, just think how cool you’ll sound when you casually say to your friends, “So I was listening to this really great podcast the other day…” I”m telling you, this will be the expression on their faces,

but let’s be honest…probably not as cute. Anyway, on to making you the coolest person in your book club. Read on…

First of all, let’s clear up one thing. A podcast is NOT a blog. I know this because I also write a blog. Yes, I’m THAT amazing.  (Caps intentional) A blog is simply a platform to share written essays online. You READ a blog. A podcast, on the other hand, is a recorded program designed to be listened to in a couple different ways. How? Oh, I’m SO glad you asked. (Caps…well, you know) So, here’s how you can listen to a podcast:

  1. You can listen directly on your smartphone. Simply tap on the Podcast App icon
  2. and type in the name of the podcast in the search bar, like for example, oh I don’t know, something like: Where Are My Glasses. Yes, that would definitely be a good one to type in. Then you just tap on the picture that shows up:






and BOOM! you’re there! Tap on an episode and you can listen right on your phone! I often listen while I’m driving in the car, when I’m on the treadmill, I’ll carry it room to room as I do housework or just sit in a comfy chair and be lazy while I listen. The point is…it’s PORTABLE, which is the best part of podcast listening!

3. Now comes the REALLY  important part…click on Subscribe and Rate/Review  🙂 Subscribing simply means you will be notified when a new episode is posted. Nothing more.  And offering a review or rating helps us with our iTunes presence.

The other SUPER EASY way to listen is to click on the link that accompanies each post on this site and the episode will magically begin to play RIGHT ON YOUR COMPUTER!!! That’s right! I mean, seriously, it doesn’t get any easier.

With that, I will leave you to your podcast listening pleasure. Please share this valuable information with your friends. Better yet, just send them this link: http://www.wherearemyglassespodcast.com/?p=376

They will be forever grateful to you. Trust me on this. And bask in the glow of living the Ultimately Cool Podcast Life. Your kids won’t recognize you. And that’s a promise 😎

P.S. We also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE comments. So please leave a comment and let us know what’s on your mind. It doesn’t even have to be on topic! That’s how desperate we are to hear from you

Episode 39 – Hey Winter, Who Even Invited You?

On today’s episode, Marilyn tells you why she HATES winter as she recounts some of the worst winters of her life.  She relives her childhood when she had to walk uphill (both ways) in 10 feet of snow to get to school.  She also gives you her tip on how to make it through the winter.  How do you feel about winter?  Let us know!   And make sure you rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 38 – Public Bathrooms…Could My Mom Have Been WRONG?

On today’s episode, Marilyn is joined by her daughter, Mary Kate, and they talk about everyone’s favorite topic…public bathrooms! We’re talking about all the good stuff…stall locks, toilet paper, germs, and flushing the toilet with your foot.  Moral of the story…WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!  As always, don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes!

They’ve Got Your Number, Dad…

I talk to my parents every day.  That might be more than the average person, but I do have the advantage of being able to strike up a conversation with them at any time, in any place.  As I have written before, my mom and dad were the best parents any kid could have and even though I lost my dad twenty-seven years ago (the day after our oldest son’s first birthday party) and my mom nine years ago (definitely does not seem that long), I still miss them terribly and need them.  I was an unabashed Daddy’s Little Girl.  Which is why I talk to them everyday.  I especially bombard them during difficult times.  And I’m sure they just love that…

But what sparked this post, was a sudden flashback that occurred while I was quietly sitting in the back seat of our car on the way to a movie (the position to which I’ve been relegated since the boys have been home), lost in my thoughts, when I noticed the license plate of another car one lane over.  My breath caught in my throat when I saw the number on the plate:  1526.  An ordinary number to most, but my eyes began to well-up at the sight.  I hadn’t thought of that number in years.  I immediately texted my brother, Paul, to confirm.  And, without delay, he responded that, yes, that was the number alright.  Fifteen-twenty-six was a venerated number in our home growing up.  It was my dad’s star number.  He was a Chicago Police Sergeant and proudly wore that star for thirty years.  After his death, my brother, Tom, had a necklace made for my mom with a CPD star pendant and, you guessed…it was star #1526.  Paul and Tom have since followed in our dad’s footsteps, honorably serving the people of Chicago.  And, devotedly worn on Tom’s uniform, is Star #1526.  My dad’s star.  I remember, when my dad would leave for work, he’d give me a kiss and I’d tell him to “get the bad guys.”  In his uniform.  With that star.

Death may separate us physically from our loved ones, but never in spirit.  And, sometimes, we even get a physical reminder of their beloved memory.  Love you and miss you Mom and Dad, but you already know that.  I tell you everyday.

As a post-script to this, I wanted to share with you, in the words of legendary radio personality Paul Harvey, “the rest of the story”.  My brother, Tom, retired from the Chicago Police Department in November of 2013, resulting in a temporary pause in the life of Star #1526. Until a few months later, that is, when a new class of police officers was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, including my younger brother, Paul. The star had been re-issued to another new Sergeant, but when she heard the history of that number, she happily surrendered it to him. So now,  that Star…that Number…lives on as the third Chicago Police Sergeant in my family proudly pins it to his uniform every day. And that’s the rest of the story. And a pretty cool one at that…

Episode 37 – Weird, Terrifying and Politically Incorrect Christmas Traditions

Today, Marilyn is joined by her daughter, Mary Kate.  Together they tell you about some of the craziest Christmas traditions from around the globe.  A few of the highlights…a pooping log, a pickle ornament, and having Christmas dinner at KFC.  Does your family have any weird Christmas traditions?  Let us know and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 36 – Pointless Facts Sure To Impress Over The Holidays

Today Marilyn is going to wow you with all kinds of weird, wild, and pointless facts.  This episode is a must listen to make sure you have something to talk about at all of your holiday parties.  No more awkward silences!  You will have all kinds of fun facts to impress your family and friends.  If you like what you hear, be sure to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 35 – Judge Marilyn

On today’s episode, Marilyn is joined by her friend Tami and they discuss some frivolous lawsuits.  Apparently, there are a lot of people out there looking to make a quick buck, and Marilyn is calling them out!  Have you ever thought about suing someone?  Tell us all about it.  Plead your case to Judge Marilyn and she will give you her ruling.  As always, don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes!!

Episode 34 – Are You Gonna Eat That? …And Other Stories of Growing Up in a Big Family

Did you grow up with a lot of brothers and sisters?  Did you and your siblings get along or were there sibling rivalries?  In today’s episode, Marilyn talks about her experience growing up in a big family.  She also discusses how her experience was different than her husband’s, who also grew up with a lot of brothers and sisters.  Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes!